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(2017-07-19): So Jonah Goldberg @jonahNRO appears to not understand the basics of free markets. Wow!
(2017-07-19): 98 percent of Venezuelan voters oppose rewriting constitution to let Maduro stay in power, but . . ....
(2017-07-19): How Modern Sweden Profits from the Success of Its Free-Market History
(2017-07-17): Research Slams Global Warming Data In New Report: "Not Reality. Totally Inconsistent With Credible Temperature Data"
(2017-07-16): Venezuela's Opposition Calls for Big Protest Vote Turnout
(2017-07-14): Minimum Wage Cruelty. Are you cruel or just illogical?
(2017-07-08): Electric car company folded after taking MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars - &was founded by Virginia Gov TerryMcAuliffe.n