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(2017-11-14): Venezuela just defaulted, moving deeper into crisis - CNNMoney
(2017-11-13): Turns out Trump didn't ruin America's economy
(2017-11-11): Walter E. Williams explains Ignorance vs. Stupidity
(2017-11-08): CEO's Empty Words Explain GE's Empty Jet via @forbes
(2017-11-07): ObamaCare signups surge in early days to set new record
(2017-11-06): Canada 4 Year Wait for Neurologist | National Review
(2017-11-04): Former DNC chair explains corruption in the Democrat party and Clinton campaign. Wow!
(2017-11-04): Pets on the Menu as Venezuelans Starve. The Endgame of Socialism
(2017-11-04): Trump's Tax Reform Dissected
(2017-11-03): Hiring Rebounds in October, Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.1% . Best rate since 2000!
(2017-11-03): News sites DNAinfo and Gothamist have shut down just days after unionizing